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teeny tiny tutus ballet

Teeny Tiny Tutus Ballet is suitable for boys and girls aged 18 months to 3 years.

Share the joy of dance with your little one! An early introduction to ballet and movement where your little ones can transform into frogs, twirl like a Princess, fly like a Fairy, march like a Soldier and much, much more. It is magical to share this first experience of dancing with your child/grandchild/ little one.

Our ‘Grown up and me’ classes are stimulating, engaging and highly energetic. A parent (or carer) stays and dances with the little dancer in these classes which are 45 minutes in length.

This class is aimed at children who can walk confidently up to three years old. From 2 and a half dancers can progress into our independent class ‘Tiny Tutus’.

Class Info

Duration :

45 minutes

Ages :

18 months- 3 years

Days / Time :

Tues 10.30am

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